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Poker Up and Downs

Poker has always been a profitable hobby of mine.

I started playing poker online using my cousin's account on party poker playing low stakes cash games, building his bankroll from $500 to $10,000 in the space of a few months. From then on, I played almost every night as I was trading US derivatives at the time, and had plenty of time to kill being the office all night by myself.

I was happily playing in mid level stakes, content to win or lose $1000 on a 2/4 or 3/6 table when i discovered tournament poker about 2 years ago. This became kind of a revelation for me, as i realized it was a completely different game to what I had been used to playing, and that I was very bad at it!

Not content to accept my shortcomings, I decided that if I could win at cash games, then tournament play could be something I could win at too. So, i registered accounts at a few sites, this time in my own name, and proceeded to blow around half of the $10k roll i deposited into my neteller account.

My biggest strength in cash game poker has always been my ability to read people, and zero in on their tendencies. A skill that was born out of experience from my real life job. I always had a confidence in my read bordering on being over zealous, which meant I did make some horrible mistakes on a cash game table, but there i was able to reload and write a note. In my tournament play, I was out and looking to buy into another.

I managed to learn my way into a break even game, profiting a small amount from time to time with rakeback, but I had also managed to get involved with a good group of poker mates, one of whom was Stewart Scott, who was to become the 2009 Aussie Millions champion. I learnt alot from him, and my game started to improve. I won my first decent tournament on Pokerstars not long after I started to chat with these guys, which was an 30k Guaranteed 11r for about 6k, which was followed not long after that with another win in the same tournament, and a win in the 70k 11r as well.

Poker was fun, and I was finally a profitable player, but then came what was probably the worst poker experience in my life. I am thankful that I did not rely on poker for a living, as I probably would never have played to this day after going through six months of constant bad beats and the donkey plays that accompany them.

My faith in my game plummeted, and I was thankful for a 6 month stint in France for work, where I did not play any poker apart from a few profitable visits to the Aviation Club where the cash tables are very soft.

Upon returning home, I started my own company so poker sessions were few and far between, but now that things have calmed down somewhat, and things are settled, that nagging feeling in the back of my mind was calling. Why cant you beat the tournament game?

So, after watching my good friend Stewart take down the Aussie Millions in style, getting AA in against AJ, I decided that I would give the game another go. I still had my original $10k roll sitting in my Neteller account, so I started where i left off playing 11r, 33 and 55 buy in tournaments. I initially had some success, getting deep in several 11r tournaments, but it seemed no matter what I did, I would end up running into a vicious beat. I remember 4 handed in the 11r bank in March on the final table, where i was chip leader and had 2nd stack shove into me with TT when i held AA...naturally, T hit the turn, and I was suddenly short. I managed to claw my way back to 2nd in chips, when I got all in AK vs AQ only to see the chip leader felt me hitting runner runner straight.

Of course, all these things are normal to any poker player, but I just felt that I was playing good poker and not being rewarded. The eternal lament of the poker player!

I just plodded along, playing when I could, getting good stacks, but always finding a way to blow them either by losing big races or getting sucked out on. There had to be something I was doing wrong. So, I started chatting to a mate of mine, and he suggested my biggest leak was gambling with a big stack when I didnt need to. He had watched alot of my play, and noticed that whenever i got deep in a tournament, with a large stack, I was doubling up the short stacks making loose calls far too much.

I took that advice on board, and decided perhaps I needed to learn more as well. I came across this site after reading a post by Gank on P5s, and signed up. I also subscribed to PXF and watched some of their videos.

One thing I took from that, is that poker is largely by the numbers. Sure, there are a lot of moves that can be made, especially in the higher stakes against thinking players, but the reality is, when you are playing low to medium stakes, solid ABC poker is the way to go, and if your hands hold you have a chance.

The defining moment for me, came just recently. As I said before, I have always been very aggressive with a stack late in a tournament, often resulting in bad reads and an eventual donkey off into the sunset. I decided to make a conscious decision to continue playing good solid small ball poker which I always did in the mid stages of a tournament to build a good stack, and not get involved in too many sticky pots.

I was playing in my normal 8am 11r on stars, had amassed a 250k stack with 20 left when i picked up KhQh on the button. The chip leader was at my table 3 seats to my right with 300k, and I was 2nd. The blinds were 3k/6k and the chippie brought it in for a 15k pre-flop raise. I flat called in pos, and the blind folded. The flop came a very juicy ThJh2c which made me the fav against almost any 2 cards. He led out for a strong bet of 32k and I stopped for a moment to decide what to do. In the past, I would re-raise without hesitation and call off my whole stack in that spot. Obviously, this can be hugely beneficial, but at the same time, I could be out when I know that I am a better player than that. So, i decided just to flat call. The turn came a blank, and the chippie leads out with a 90k bet and I am left with a dilemma. I only have 32k invested in the pot, and I can fold...if I call and miss, then i have punted half my stack for nothing, shoving is out, as I am sure he will call, and I am at best with one card to come, a 40% dog, but in reality I put him on a set, so it was more like 30%.

I tanked for awhile, and folded. He showed me TT, and i was glad I folded. My friend who was watching me at the time, commented that he was expecting me to shove the flop or the turn, and normally I would have. Sure if the draw hits I am a monster chip leader, if it misses, im out.

As it turns out, it was a good fold because 5 hands later, he shoved my 4 bet with KK into my AA and it held, and suddenly i had a monster stack and never looked back. I had finally won another tournament for $5900 after more than a year in the wilderness.

All of a sudden, my game just clicked. I followed that up with wins in a 15k 109 for $4200 and a 109 turbo for 2900, as well as a couple of final tables for 4 figure scores. Incidently, I busted out of both tournaments with AA to an under pair, which made it particularly painful since those suckouts cost you so much more.

I guess, apart from being a bit of a brag post, my thoughts are that we play a game of skill, and in the long run, if you play within your means, and against players of comparable or lesser skill, eventually you will win.


Poker Books No Help

Since I have gotten married, my level of fitness has been dropping like the stock market. In an effort to reverse the trend, I have been spending the last two months exercising a minimum of two times a day. I have also been eating much better. However, the other day at work, I pulled a muscle in my back while bending down. This has put a stop to the working out for the last week. I was forced into bed to rest my back. With the Million Dollar Turbo Takedown looming this weekend on Stars, I thought that this would be a great time to catch up and read some of the books that I have collected in my poker library. I made it through three this week alone. "Every Hand Revealed" by Gus Hansen, "Tournament Poker for Advanced Players" by David Sklansky, and I reread "SuperSystem" by Doyle Brunson.
Much to my surprise, when I woke up this morning (Sunday), my back felt good enough that I decided to go for my usual walk (approx. 4 miles). With an improved back and all the poker information I'd taken in throughout the week, I was ready for my first shot at the Turbo Takedown. I played pretty tight through the first levels, took down a few pots (mostly small, one big) and cruised in to the first payout level. Then just before the next payout level, well, I'll let you read for yourself...

PokerStars Game #21517691654: Tournament #200801026, 5000FPP Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (500/1000) - 2008/10/26 17:05:20 ET
Table '200801026 85' 9-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: AWice (17985 in chips)
Seat 2: rickettz (20482 in chips)
Seat 3: dav63302 (5350 in chips)
Seat 4: marlowe1974 (6200 in chips)
Seat 5: youplay2bad (4785 in chips)
Seat 6: hmay111 (11998 in chips)
Seat 7: ZockerClaud (8685 in chips)
Seat 9: Russian-fish (8975 in chips)
AWice: posts the ante 100
rickettz: posts the ante 100
dav63302: posts the ante 100
marlowe1974: posts the ante 100
youplay2bad: posts the ante 100
hmay111: posts the ante 100
ZockerClaud: posts the ante 100
Russian-fish: posts the ante 100
rickettz: posts small blind 500
dav63302: posts big blind 1000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to marlowe1974 [Js Jd]
marlowe1974: raises 5100 to 6100 and is all-in
youplay2bad: folds
slowik444 is connected
hmay111: folds
ZockerClaud: folds
Russian-fish: folds
AWice: folds
rickettz: calls 5600
dav63302: folds
*** FLOP *** [8c Qh 9d]
*** TURN *** [8c Qh 9d] [2h]
*** RIVER *** [8c Qh 9d 2h] [Qc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
rickettz: shows [9c 9h] (a full house, Nines full of Queens)
marlowe1974: shows [Js Jd] (two pair, Queens and Jacks)
rickettz collected 14000 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 14000 / Rake 0
Board [8c Qh 9d 2h Qc]
Seat 1: AWice (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: rickettz (small blind) showed [9c 9h] and won (14000) with a full house, Nines full of Queens
Seat 3: dav63302 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: marlowe1974 showed [Js Jd] and lost with two pair, Queens and Jacks
Seat 5: youplay2bad folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: hmay111 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: ZockerClaud folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: Russian-fish folded before Flop (didn't bet)

I guess I am supposed to take solace in the fact that I had the best hand when all the money went in. I guess no matter how many books you read, you can't avoid some bad luck. Oh well, back to the drawing board. And work.


Personal Experience

I recently finished collecting my bonus for pokerstars and traded some money (all of mine lol) so I could play on fulltilt. About two months ago, My brother transfered me 5 dollars, and I was able to turn that into 100. After a few rough weeks on pokerstars, i am up a very small amount, but Im ready to go again. Phase two is turning that same $100 into $500. This may take a while, hopefully not, but I am hoping I am able to complete this. I think it will be very challenging but I think i can do it. Anyways thats what Im up to, and I'll keep you guys posted. If I could play like brett Id be halfway there by the time Im done posting this ( he is doing well in the Bluff challenge). That is it, bed time. Good luck at the tables everyone.

About a month after posting my last blog about reaching the $500 mark, it is finally complete. I did not have a set time frame, so I am happy to reach it in a months time. I thought I played fairly well and managed my bankroll decent. I did start playing $10 games earlier than I should have, but I was winning a good amount so I felt it was okay. Due to the take two promotion, I will not be switching sites until it is over, so I'd like to reach $600 min. by that time, and then i will be on my way to carbon poker I believe to hopefully build my bankroll some more. I will again keep you updated. Thanks for reading.

After playing for about 5 hours, placing 30th is a disappointment. I was hoping to make the final table at least, as I'm sure everyone is haha. I was never a big chip leader, but I help my own throughout most of the tournament. At times I felt uncomfortable, but I held up pretty well. Twice in the span of about 20 minutes a guy flopped a flush on me while I help Top Pair with a decent kicker. I lost what I think is the minimum on both hands considering I did not think he had it. On the last hand however, I feel like I made the right move but got the wrong result. I had 33 in EP, the blinds were 1/3K and there were 2 limpers. At this point I was in last place with around 32K in chips. With 13K in the pot and what I would consider high fold equity, I pushed all in. It was folded all the way around to the chip leader at the table who had around 130K in chips. He thought for a few seconds then called with 9 10o...and hit his 10. Im not sure If I made the wrong move, or he made a real lose call. I would think he would have folded in that spot, but who knows. Either way, going deep in this game is making me think my tournament game is getting stronger, but I still need a lot of work. Please feel free to comment, and suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Personal Poker Experience

Hello, my name is Jerry Young and I reside in Kansas City, MO.

I have been playing poker since I was 8. Yeah, nickel and dimes back then with the family, mostly variations of stud. High Chicago anyone?

Anyway, I began playing Hold Em about 5 years ago at a bar league. I have since learned every form of poker for the most part, even crazy baducci. So now I definately love a HORSE game.

I have traveled and played in smaller tourneys, nothing to huge yet. I cashed in event 2 at the Grand Series at Mills Lac hosted by the HPT, took first for over 5k, which is my biggest win to date.

As far as my Las Vegas visits, I have played 15 tourneys with 9 final tables and 8 cashes including two wins.

I recently played a annual tourney for a local bar league, and chopped the first prize of 5k with another player, so a cool 2500 went into my pocket. Guess what to, my least favorite hand of AQ held up for me to survive with 4 tables to go. haha

As far as online, I prefer live play better. I seem to be a much better live player then online, so online is where I need the most work. I do not feel like I am getting my money in bad at all, but man do I take some beats. My first deposit online was 100 bucks which I turned into 5k, but since then, my online career is pretty minimal. I would like to change that.

As far as watching, or reading, I have read around 30 poker books, and all the best ones there is out there. Just finished Daniel Negreneus new book, and his section on small ball poker is steller, go check it out. I also own every WSOP ever taped on DVD, and I watch any and every show that has to do with poker. Even I Bet You, which they do not play much poker, but is funny as hell.

I also, for its short lived run, used to be a writer for American Poker Player Magazine. It did not last long, but was a nationally distributed poker magazine. It was a fun experience, and I got to meet some pros, and go to a few VIP partys, so you can beat that. I also used to write for a local poker website out of KC, where I first talked to Gank and heard about this site, as I sent him a 5 question interview for the site. Great guy! I do not currently write for any publication now, but am always willing to if the right opportunity arises.

As you can see, I eat, sleep, and shit poker. Its what I want, its what I strive for, its my dream. With a wife and kid, and things that come up in everyday life, its hard to keep a bankroll built up because something always comes up THAT COSTS MONEY.

So here I am, with all the tools to get it done. But we as poker players continue to learn everyday, and that is what I am here to do. Gank is one of the greatest online players of our generation, so how can you beat his advice for free? You cant!

So feel free to hit me up for anything. We can talk strategy, or whatever. You can even stake me if ya want? haha I thought I would atleast try! Anyway, I will see you on here and on the felt. Good luck! And thanks PPS for the free hook up!


Scotty Ngyuen Poker Challenge

I just got back from OKlahoma, and the Scotty Ngyuen Poker Challenge V at the Cherokee casino in Catoosa, OK.

Best thing about the trip was, a poker player and friend of mine, paid my way for the 8 days I was there. You cant beat that. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for putting me in the tournaments and showing me a great time.

The bad news is, I ran about as good as a midget with no legs. Put it this way, out of 15 tourneys, I had pocket aces ONCE, and they lost to AJ. I wont even go into the rest of the details or bad beats. Weve had or heard them all, and no reason to cry over spilled milk.

Out of 15 tourneys, I final tables only one, and cashed a total of two. I know variance plays a big part in tourneys, but I wish I still came out better then those results. For only getting my money in bad 3 times the whole series (two times i was short and had to push with anything), it kind of is upsetting I didnt do better.

I met a lot of great players out there, including the two that were with my buddy who staked me. Al and Scratch are fantastic players, and did real well, as did my staker who took down a tourney as well. I wish I could have faired as good as them, but give them all the congratulations. I also met the guy who came in third to Phil Ivey in the LA Poker Classic this year, and let me tell you, he plays phenomenal poker. Trust me, I was watching and taking pointers.

I had a great time, although I did not do as good as I expected, but I felt I played my A game all the way thru. If you get your money in good, thats all you can do unfortunately.

I did however get home, and seen they listed me in the results as Geri Yung from Sittfsville, MO. I was not happy. I know this was deliberately do not because I did not leave a tip for the dealers. No, I am not a cheap bastard, far from it, but these tourneys compared to others took ALOT more off top for the dealers, so I felt they already got their fair share. They took off about what I would tip in the first place, and with such low cashes, I did not feel a tip was justified. I always tip when I win money, maybe even more then some, but felt this time was to much.

I feel the casino, first off, owes me an apology, as it is my right and choice to either tip or not. I realize what the dealers do, and the long hours they put in, and they already were getting a good chunk of money. I also think the casino should reprimand whoever submitted the results, and also get the results fixed on the sites that have it listed the wrong way. I might not have had a great series, but at least give my name the proper credit it deserves for the few dollars I won. It kind of pisses me. Especially after I have been down there twice this year for poker series tournaments, and raved about the casino. I hope they do the right thing.

Anyway, I am going to try to get more active on this board and blog. I just let it slip my mind along with everything else all the time, but will try better. Contact me if you would like to discuss poker or whatever. Good luck to you guys at the tables.


Bad Beats by Donkeys

I don't mind at all (well I do) when I am beaten when someone has the right odds or is priced in for a call and gets lucky on the turn or river. What I do despise is getting beat by the turn or river by someone who had no right to be in the pot to start with. When I am ahead pre-flop and on the flop and I get a sick call I have a feeling inside my stomach that I am going to get felted. I almost want to accidentally show the donkey my cards in order for him not to call, but how could i make money if he folds the inferior hand?

The sad part is that it seems to be always the same guy who gets you..

I was playing 1-2 no limit at the casino last weekend and I was up $130 for the 5 hours I had been there. A donkey sits at the table and wipes me out within a half hour. Where are the poker gods????

This is how bad it was...I had J-J and raised $25...Every one folds except the donkey, he flat calls. The flop is: 8-4-2 rainbow. I bet another 25 and he re-raises to 50.
I am liking the situation and I am going to get paid off here wondering what he had called my raise with. I decide to push all my chips in and I get an instant call along with these words from his mouth "I think you're bluffing". I turn over my jacks and he turns over A-4 off suit. I liked the call of course...but that feeling in my stomach was there...and the turn was a FOUR, no jack on the river...was I steaming or what...Later on I had K-Q of diamonds and put in a min raise and the donkey calls...flop is K-J-10...I bet out only to get re-raised all in. I had him covered so I called without much thought, he turns over a 8-9...only a Q or a 7 can beat me on the turn, here comes the queen...I still have a chance for the boat on the river but the river was a 7...this guy pulled a seven card str8 on me....I was getting I left.


Poker Training

Hello to all, my name is bryan and just started on this site. looks good so far. ive been playing poker for about three years in local club tournaments and on internet. my success in club tournaments is pretty good, my internet success is not. while ive had numerous cashes in tournaments and won about ten small ones my bankroll never goes anywhere overall. this is going to change. my normal bankroll starts at 50 or 75 and goes to zero too quickly. i have read about 10 books on poker, watched some videos here and there, but people who know me feel there is no reason im not a consistent winner. im not talking pro player just a successful player. my main problem is bankroll management. i play too high and end up losing it all on some hand. been offered a $500 stake so i am stopping playing until the beginning of the year and am focused on learning to be a better player. any advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. im fairly good in tournaments and apparently a bad cash game player. books read include theory of poker,harrington 1 and 2, sklanskys theory of no limit, sklansky hold em-how to crush small games, one cloutier book(cant remember name), a couple of how to play on internet books, and caros book of tells, others too just cant remember all. thinking about really studying these again and not sure what else to do. giving myself till january for study while still playing live club tournaments any advice on how to best study and learn before i take the $500 stake and try to be successful with it would be great. thanks to all


I would like to thank you for your wonderful instructional videos. This evening I viewed your 2-7 triple draw prior to entering tournament #116136650 on Stars as "Venemous". To my astonishment I had the pleasure of playing next to you on my first table. I was able to use to my advantage some of the points that were explained in the video. Due to my poor play at various times however I finished in 12th place. Although I am a low stakes player, and do not have the time to fully take advantage of the wonderful instruction you offer at no cost, rest assured that I am not alone in giving thanks to you,and the other players who offer this wonderful service. Sincerely yours, William M Jones-"bardstown"



I'm sure that everyone here has a lot more experience than I do, but started something last August to try and help my game play. Just little games that I host on Full Tilt at 2230 server time.
I started a new job and because of the hours I work, wanted something to practice with, so set up a schedule with varying games and buyins. Yep ... I suck LoL, but am learning. As I explore this site, I hope to find more games that I am able to play, but for those that just want a good time, come join me in my games. The titles are MrMeanys Challenge 2U and the pw is always vegas. The lessons you learn are cheap, the laughs unforgettable, and the game play ... well, some of it will leave you scratching your head, but most of it will leave you going ... cripes I should of seen that coming LoL



I almost only play B&M tourneys in Arizona (work in Tucson 3 days a week) and in San Diego area (where I live). I am way ahead in the $$ area and have a BR of over 6K. I am having problems mentally of not cashing more often. Sometimes it is two or three in a row then long periods of missing. I usually always end up in the top ¼ or even the final table but have seen myself play hands I shouldn’t and blow out or just never get a good hand and blind down to forced shove and then out. I am looking for tips to keep me in the game mentally and always play a hand correctly… not give up or do something stupid


Poker Chaos Theory

I guess I should start off with a short bio. My name is Joe Swam and I live in Belcamp, Maryland. I am married and also the proud parent of an eight year old son (Jeffery). There are no casinos in Maryland, so I play poker almost exclusively online, save for the occasional trip to Atlantic City. I also made a trip to Las Vegas this summer. As far as my poker experience goes, I have been playing since the early part of 2006. I missed the whole "Moneymaker" boom, and really got turned on to poker by Celebrity Poker Showdown that aired on Bravo (how metro is that?). Anyway I began playing on PokerStars towards the end of 2007. I made a few deposits and really didn't have alot of success initially. Then in February of this year (2008) I won an $11 buy-in Razz tournament for $188. It was a few days after that I would have my biggest poker achievement to date. My wife controls the finances in our house (this should sound familiar to any married guy reading this) and for whatever reason, she has banned the internet. This could be for several reasons, but for the sake of decency will say that she believes I would do nothing but play poker online (and, she's almost right). This fact forces me to play poker online at my parent's house (did I mention that I am 34?) Anyway...a few nights after my razz win, I was at my parent's house for a "visit". The weather was pretty rough that night. An ice storm had caused my parents driveway to resemble a hockey rink. Instead of leaving when I had planned (around 8PM), i was FORCED to stay longer and decided to play some more poker (darn!). I entered an $11 buy in no limit hold'em tournament. It was about five hours later when my K 5 off suit beat the J 5 off suit of the only other player remaining at the final table. The first place finish (with a field of 1314 players) was good for a $3,022 pay day, alot of which made my trip to Vegas possible (I wish I would have left more of it on Stars...oh well). This is my favorite poker memory, not just for the obvious reasons (winning a big field tourney, the cash, etc.), but also because had it not been for my parents driveway, I would have never played. I think the fact that I couldn't go anywhere anyway, caused me to relax and focus on playing solid poker (something I have not always done since). I would like to make some new poker memories in the coming months, hopefully including winning a seat to next year's WSOP main event. I think that would be an incredible experience. I also think it is an attainable goal with the help of


Freedom for Poker

I have not played much poker online since the final tournament of the Gank Open. The reason is a combination of a promise I made to my wife to not be quite so obsessed with poker, and a change in my job that has forced me to make some sacrifices in my “downtime”. I don’t currently have money on any of the sites that I play at, so I figured with the second season of the Gank Open starting up this weekend, that it was time to reload on Stars, and also make my first deposit on Lock Poker (that is after all where this season’s tournaments will be held). My preferred method of deposit has been the prepaid Visa gift cards that seem to be in every store that you bother to walk in. However, over the past few weeks, I have not been able to find any of the All Access Visa cards that I was buying. They have all been replaced by a new type of Visa card that specifically states “not for ATM or gambling” on the back. Of course I failed to see this on the first card that I bought, and was very frustrated when PokerStars kept rejecting it. I haven’t scoured the state or anything like that, I have only gone to a handful of places actually, and I am confident that eventually I will find one of the cards that work. But the whole ordeal has me frustrated with the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) and even the way in which people are showing their opposition to the Act.

Poker Is a Game of Skill

On the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) website, they list several studies stating that poker is a game of skill, not chance. The UIGEA deems a “bet or wager” to be the risking of something of value on “the outcome of contest of others, a sporting event, or a game subject to chance…”. It goes further to exclude fantasy sports leagues from this definition because “All winning outcomes reflect the relative knowledge and skill of the participants and are determined predominately by accumulated statistical results..”. I would never argue that poker is not a game of skill. However, while skill may be the largest factor in success in poker or fantasy football, chance does in fact play a role. This is what the “nanny state” types are trying to “protect” us from. The human mind has difficulty accepting as fact events that take a “longer than observable” length of time to prove (think Evolution..), and the truth is, that in the short term, luck can play a significant factor in success at poker.

True Freedom is the Freedom to Make Mistakes

I think that a better way to fight against the UIGEA is with a moral argument. We shouldn’t try to differentiate poker from other table games or slot machines. We should instead insist that we be given the freedoms that are granted to us by our Constitution. In order to be truly free, people need to be allowed to make choices about how they spend their time and money. This will lead to some people making the wrong choices. That’s okay, it’s how we learn. Providing a big umbrella of protection creates larger problems for society by eliminating the need for people to take responsibility for their own actions. This is what our country is turning into. There are several states that have proposed “sin taxes” on video games and television equipment, one state (Louisiana) has even considered calling their version “No Child Left Inside”. We shouldn’t have to fight to make our own decisions, but we must if we wish to remain a “free” country. Today it’s internet poker and Grand Theft Auto, but what will it be tomorrow?


Wife the High Roller

My wife and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this weekend and decided to stay at Harrahs for the occasion. Oddly,I did not feel up for gambling as I gamble everyday, so I got a kick out of watching her play the penny slots. She got excited and bummed just like you would imagine while playing slots. All the while she would tell me to put a dollar in and play, so I would. I wound up only playing when she would "make me". Every time it seemed I would double the dollar she handed me. Finally, I thought if I lost what we budgeted to gamble with, we would go back to our room. My first thought... Roulette! So I bet all of my half on black and of course it was red. I didn't really care. She went back to the slots for another run at it. By the end of the night, I was getting pretty tired and only watching her. She was about even, but went on a downhill slide on a "Gone Fishing" slot machine that took her down to half her "bankroll". She was pretty bummed, but I talked her into betting what was left on the pass line in craps. She was hesitant and said she didn't know how to play craps. I told her she didn't have to know how, just bet it all on the pass line, roll the dice and they will either give you chips or take them away. She doubled up twice in a row before leaving the table and then said, "Let's bet it on that wheel game." Again, I didn't care because I was definitely ready for some anniversary loving. She put all of her chips on black and the wheel stopped on 32B doubling her up yet again. My wife, not being much of a gambler took her winnings to the cashier. She was giddy as a kid and said, "Did you get my picture rolling the dice?" She won all of the money, but somehow I feel like the big winner of the night.



People on the rail are usually welcome, but can occasionally be a pain in the rear in live and online poker. Live, the problem is fairly mild, and it usually consists of people standing near the rail, talking loudly to others or on their cell phones. To make it worse, they seem to be babbling on most often about a bad beat they just had. Being polite on the rail simply comes down to one thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You wouldn't like having someone blabbing in your ear when you're playing for millions or even tens of thousands of dollars and trying to listen, pay attention and focus.

The same 'Do unto others' rule should apply to online poker railbirding. Railbirds online fall into a few categories, it seems. One is the player who stops by to say hello or cheer on a buddy. I do that, as do many others, including the best of the best. I appreciate the support and respect shown when this happens, and I try to take time to root on a buddy when he is doing well. I wouldn't change that for the world. These guys who root each other on generally know what its like to be in the situation the players are in and will not ask questions requiring a response from a player when that player is involved in a hand. Similarly, when you say you are playing several tables at the time, they understand and leave you alone to focus on your games.

Then there is a second category of railbird, who is relatively inexperienced and is quite curious about the game itself as well as things like how much people have won recently, how you deal with taxes, when you play live, or general bankroll management issues. They are often respectful and complimentary, but they can occasionally commit those offenses just mentioned above that an experienced player railbirding wouldn't commit. Not a big deal, but it is something to be aware of if you don't want to be a pain to these players whose attention you seek.

The next kind of railbird needs to go out and play in traffic. Some people come around to large buy in tournaments and beg for money. No one wants to give money to someone they don't know, whether they are rooting for you or not. Some come around to share bad beat stories, and some come around to haunt a player who handed them that bad beat as well. Everyone has bad beats, and sometimes good players make bad plays and get lucky. Whether your deal is to just whine or to follow the guy who beat you and yell at him, it doesn't matter. When you can accept bad beats as a part of poker, move on to the next game and focus on playing well and not your bad luck, you have achieved a state of mind that will allow you to remain calm, stick to a solid strategy, and have consistent success.

Jeff Henry

note by gank: Jeff Henry does not railbird because he is usually the one playing at the final table.

Pai Gow Poker’s Popularity

The explosion of poker engulfed the entire world at the turn of the new millennium. When ESPN aired their annual coverage of the World Series of Poker, a virtual unknown online poker player, Chris Moneymaker (yes, his real name!), won the tournament and forever legitimized the rookie’s place in this once-thought too-dangerous-for-beginners world. And the tidal wave didn’t stop with Texas Hold’em; other games like pai gow poker and 5 and 7-card stud poker have exploded onto the scene as well.

Also known as double-hand poker, today’s pai gow – a take on the classic Chinese game – is played with a standard 52-card deck and a single joker. The table consists of six players, including the dealer, and each player attempts to beat the dealer, known as a banker, similar to blackjack in that respect. A player is dealt 7 cards and is charged with the task of making two poker hands: A 5-card hand and a 2-card hand. The value of the 5-card hand must be higher than that of the 2-card, and the player presenting a hand better than the dealer wins the bet.

Pai gow has been referred to as a sleeper hit. Although it’s not experiencing the vast popularity that many other poker games are, pai gow still has a millions-strong niche that consistently show up online to test their skills. There are also land-based tournaments happening all over the world, including Las Vegas and other huge gambling cities. And though the mainstream television networks aren’t carrying coverage yet, it only seems like a matter or time before someone televises an event and a new legend is born.

But why such popularity for this once-obscure poker game? The answer has to do with what the game has become. Today’s pai gow can be played in many different ways. For example, at Mandalay Bay in Sin City, dominoes and dice are used instead of the standard deck of playing cards. This hybrid version of the game merges poker, craps and dominoes in one; to many, this updated take on the classic is a gambler’s dream.

Keeping with the gambling theme, pai gow is experiencing the increased popularity due to the public’s proclivity for participating in games of chance. The truth be told, there’s nothing overly special about Texas Hold’em. But once it became evident that anyone could win, Hold’em and its cousins had a stronghold on the gambling world. Pai gow follows this same “everyman” line, and it essentially becomes another way to press your luck. Long live the world’s many gambles. For without them, games like pai gow would wither up and die.

Gank Open

The Gank Open Poker Tournament League is an opportunity to get to know fellow Pro Poker School Students and Poker Video Instructors while Playing Poker in a Relaxed and Friendly Atmosphere. The Gank Open Tournament Host is World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner Brett 'gank' Jungblut. The league will last a total of 10 weeks with 1 $5 buy-in tournament being held each Sunday at 9pm et (6pm pt). The top players will earn Pro Poker School rewards and recognition. The scoring system will be based on the finish positions of each tournament.

1st place = 10
2nd place = 8
3rd place = 7
4th place = 6
5th place = 5
6th place = 4
7th place = 3
8th place = 2
9th place = 1

For example, if Player A finishes in 2nd place he/she gets 8 points which gets added to Player A's total score. The Gank Open League Champion honor will be given to the highest cumulative score after the 10 weeks.

League Stats to be posted here following every week's tournament.

September 28, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gank 58 10
2 marlowe1974 34.80 8
3 $ik$t@ck 23.20 7
4 sgfulton 17.40 6
5 GoldenGirl48 11.60 5
6 Dazbog   4
7 crispchris   3
8 ikswokil   2
9 slickpete23   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open showed that gank really does own. Brett Jungblut took it down in dramatic fashion beating marlowe1974 heads up while $ik$t@ck (Carmella08) had a strong 3rd place showing. The first tournament of the Gank Open League was a great opportunity to meet fellow PPS students.

October 5, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 xxHABSxx 60 10
2 FaceCardsLie 36 8
3 bullish06 24 7
4 rolwon 18 6
5 ikswokil 12 5
6 al thumbs   4
7 AlbanianGal   3
8 G35 Play   2
9 marlowe1974   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was ruled by xxHABSxx which gave the great country of Canada its first ever Gank Open Champion. During an exciting final table where FaceCardsLie and bullish06 fought the good fight but couldn't stop xxHABSxx down the stretch. While honorable mention has to go out to Gank's Mom (ikswokil) for cashing in 5th place, once again proving her claim as the best Jungblut in the family, this being after she recently won a tournament at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in July. Momma Bear as she likes to be called joins marlowe1974 who made the final table in both of the first two Gank Open events.

October 12, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 Beauty2 62.50 10
2 bustmegently 37.50 8
3 gottiboy19 25 7
4 coopsdx   6
5 G35 Play   5
6 bullish06   4
7 gjim44   3
8 ikswokil   2
9 FaceCardsLie   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open saw Beauty2 maneuver the final table's shortest stack to an impressive win. Thais Jungblut becomes the first female to win a Gank Open title. The talented no limit holdem mtt player Beauty2 is gank's sister-in-law and propokerschool's beautiful wife. The name Beauty2 is Thais' tribute to our pet fish that we loved so much.

At the final table was ikswokil, or better known as Momma Bear Jungblut who has made 3 consecutive final tables. bustmegently (stackingsideways) and gottiboy19 survived a roller coaster ride for the whole table when play got down to the final 5 players to finish nicely in the top three. The overall Gank Open League standings have a new leader following the 6th place finish of bullish06 whose one point lead blends well with his favorite personal quote: "what is, is not; what is not, is".

October 19, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 xxHABSxx 45 10
2 ikswokil 27 8
3 gottiboy19 18 7
4 thecuist   6
5 Dazbog   5
6 marlowe1974   4
7 al thumbs   3
8 rolwon   2
9 gank   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open goes to our first Gank Open repeat winner xxHABSxx. In just four weeks, xxHABSxx has already won two Gank Open titles and now sits alone at the top of the Gank Open leader board standings. Close behind is Momma Bear Jungblut (ikswokil) who incredibly has made four out of four final tables after having her best finish as this week's runner up. gottiboy19 second cash with his third place finish in Week 4 puts him in third place overall.

October 26, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 G35 Play 55 10
2 Shooki61 33 8
3 bwalt101 22 7
4 bullysonV13   6
5 gjim44   5
7 al thumbs   3
8 bullish06   2
9 MAKH   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open goes to G35 Play from California who overcame a talented field to claim his first Gank Open Title! The impressive win catapulted G35 Play into a tie for second in the overall standings and marks his third final table. Shooki61 and bwalt101 made their first final table finishing in the top three. At the midway point in the 10 week league xxHABSxx continues to hold a slight lead over several players.

November 9, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 talismon 55 10
2 gank 33 8
3 marlowe1974 22 7
4 AnnieA   6
5 bullish06   5
6 FaceCardsLie   4
7 bwalt101   3
8 halohysteria   2

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open showed that the younger brother can sometimes get the best of his older brother as propokerschool (talismon) edged gank heads up. An error in the tournament setup had us playing Limit Holdem instead of the usual No Limit Holdem but the tournament was just as exciting as ever. On the final hand propokerschool rivered a flush to beat gank's trip deuces. With marlowe1974 finishing in third he vaults into a first place tie in the overall standings while gank's runner up finish puts him only one point behind the leaders.

November 16, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 jaredd0dge 60 10
2 G35 Play 36 8
3 talismon 24 7
4 gottiboy19   6
5 FaceCardsLie   5
6 al thumbs   4
7 mshayne   3
8 twxyz   2
9 Dazbog   1

Tournament Report

This week's Gank Open Title was won by jaredd0dge from the Show Me State of Missouri. jaredd0dge's favorite players are Daniel Negraneau, Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Mike Caro, and Phil Hellmuth when he get's pissed. G35 Play who won last week's Gank Open finished 2nd and jumped into the overall lead with his impressive finish. talismon (propokerschool) finished 3rd for his second straight top 3 finish and along with gottiboy19 and FaceCardsLie put themselves into the mix coming down the stretch.

November 23, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 jaredd0dge 45 10
2 AAA Jeanius 27 8
3 FaceCardsLie 18 7
4 marlowe1974   6
5 Beauty2   5
6 starch1971   4
7 Jeff Jaze   3
8 AlbanianGal   2
9 GoldenGirl48   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open title goes to jaredd0dge who dominated the final table amassing a huge chip lead and then shut the door on the competition. jaredd0dge's win was his second Gank Open title in a row. AAA Jeanius finished second and FaceCardsLie managed third place and pick up enough points to put himself into second overall behind fourth place finisher marlowe1974 who now sits all by himself at the top of the standings.

November 30, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 talismon 45 10
2 Harvey0308 27 8
3 mshayne 18 7
4 Beauty2   6
5 lateseven   5
6 Dazbog   4
7 gjim44   3
9 CaraMiaxxx   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was won in dramatic chip and a chair fashion as talismon entered the final table in last place with about 800 chips and stormed back to eventually overcome the solid play of Harvey0308, mshayne and Beauty2 to earn his second Gank Open title. talismon's (propokerschool) win vaulted him into first place in the standings with one week remaining in this 10 week tournament series.

December 7, 2008 at 16:00 et (4pm Eastern Time)

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 AcidRefluxx 58 10
2 bwalt101 35 8
3 wyldeyed 24 7
4 eBecks18 18 6
5 AAA Jeanius 12 5
6 marlowe1974   4
7 fasteddee74   3
8 talismon   2
9 GoldenGirl48   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open Title goes to AcidRefluxx who spent the afternoon watching his chip stack experience a roller coaster ride. With four players remaining, a tough beat left him severely short stacked but AcidRefluxx never lost focus and rebounded in some key hands to come from behind for the win. bwalt101 and wyldeyed had strong showings finishing in the top three in one of the biggest Gank Open fields of the season. With a very tight race for the overall champion, overall leader talismon clung to a one point lead over marlowe1974 and needed to finish ahead of him to hold on to the title. Both players made the final table but in the end marlowe1974 outlasted talismon and claimed the Gank Open Championship. A very deserving champion, marlowe1974, played consistent throughout the season piling up a league high six total final table appearances.

Gank Open Poker League Season I Standings
RankingsPlayerTotal Points
1 marlowe1974 8 + 1 + 4 + 7 + 6 + 4 = 30
2 talismon 10 + 7 + 10 + 2 = 29
3 FaceCardsLie 8 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 7 = 25
3 G35 Play 2 + 5 + 10 + 8 = 25
5 Beauty2 10 + 5 + 6 = 21
6 gottiboy19 7 + 7 + 6 = 20
6 xxHABSxx 10 + 10 = 20
6 jaredd0dge 10 + 10 = 20
9 gank 10 + 1 + 8 = 19
10 bullish06 7 + 4 + 2 + 5 = 18
10 bwalt101 7 + 3 + 8 = 18
12 ikswokil 2 + 5 + 2 + 8 = 17
13 Dazbog 4 + 5 + 1 + 4 = 14
14 AAA Jeanius 8 + 5 = 13
15 gjim44 3 + 5 + 3 = 11
16 mshayne 3 + 7 = 10
16 AcidRefluxx 10
16 al thumbs 3 + 3 + 4 = 10
19 bustmegently 8
19 rolwon 6 + 2 = 8
19 Shooki61 8
19 Harvey0308 8
23 GoldenGirl48 5 + 1 + 1 = 7
23 $ik$t@ck 7
23 wyldeyed 7
26 eBecks18 6
26 bullysonV13 6
26 coopsdx 6
26 sgfulton 6
26 thecuist 6
26 AnnieA 6
26 TXPAYUP 4 + 2 = 6
33 lateseven 5
33 AlbanianGal 3 + 2 = 5
35 starch1971 4
36 Jeff Jaze 3
36 crispchris 3
36 fasteddee74 3
39 twxyz 2
39 halohysteria 2
41 slickpete23 1
41 MAKH 1
41 CaraMiaxxx 1

Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see everyone back again and some new faces for the Gank Open Season 2.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gank $40 10
2 dosbomberoso $24 8
3 Jeanius $16 7
4 DonkPuncher   6
5 gjim44   5
6 mouwie3   4
7 TeddyKGB45   3
8 Mike Shayne   2
9 sososobad77   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was won by none other then gank himself. Making the final table as one of the chip leaders, gank cruised through the field en route to the top of this week's podium. Joining him in the top three was runner up dosbomberoso and third place finisher Jeanius. Most amazing, is that in Week 1 of Season 1 gank also took it down. Afterwards, when asked about his breakdown of the FT gank said he was playing aggressive and running well, a combination he referred to as "getting lucky". I guess that's all you basically can say after winning an all-in before the flop hand against pocket 8's with 6-4 off suit.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 1LuckyGal $40 10
2 Mike Shayne $24 8
3 Jeanius $16 7
4 Harvey0308   6
5 table.terror   5
6 mouwie3   4
7 keyser.soze   3
8 kidpugg   2
9 DonkPuncher   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was taken down by 1LuckyGal. After a prolonged battle at the FT, 1LuckyGal finished off the final few challengers quickly en route to the title. Mike Shayne played well enough to finish 2nd and Jeanius who had the chip lead for much of the final table finished 3rd for the second consecutive week. Jeanius takes the early overall lead in the league standings.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 RevMental $40 10
2 BIG KODAK $24 8
3 1LuckyGal $16 7
4 Mike Shayne   6
5 Harvey0308   5
6 DeerUrine   4
7 gjim44   3
8 holdemcris   2
9 mouwie3   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was a first time winner RevMental, whose consistent patience finally payed off en route to the title. Winning with Ace King on the final hand against BIG KODAK, Rev Mental jumps into the Gank Open League Champion Season II discussion for his effort on Sunday. 1LuckyGal's third place encore performance after winning last week earns her top honors in the current overall standings. An honorable mention to DeerUrine whose unpredictable "Aggro" style got him to his first final table leaving propokerschool in his wake for the second week in a row.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gank $35 10
2 BIG KODAK $21 8
3 gjim44 $14 7
4 Harvey0308   6
5 mouwie3   5
6 wrongtools   4
7 StR8BuGg1n   3
8 propokerschool   2
9 Mike Shayne   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was won by none other than gank himself. After gjim44 was knocked out third, a tight battle between gank and BIG KODAK ensued that would decide the overall leader. gank's come from behind heads-up victory was chronicled by BIG KODAK:

"I got owned by gank. I had chip lead and raised my button with A2 he came over the top I folded and he showed A7. Next hand he raised his button I shove A5 and he shows me AJ. I figured he was doing the standard button raise so like an idiot I tell myself he didn't get dealt back to back better ace than me. I doubled up once after that with QQ vs. his 88. Blinds were 400/800. I shove my last 4K on my button with J9 he calls with Q6 game over. Better luck next week. That A5 was the only mistake I made but that's all it takes."

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 mouwie3 35.50 10
2 Jeanius 19.50 8
3 BIG KODAK 13.00 7
4 gank   6
5 jokersdesign   5
6 Harvey0308   4
7 DeerUrine   3
8 propokerschool   2
9 holdemcris   1

Tournament Report

Talk the Talk, then Walk the Walk. This weeks Gank Open goes to mouwie3 who has charged into second in the overall standings only one point behind gank. The smack talk in the chat box was on point, as mouwie backed up his claim:

gank: if i win might be over already!
Harvey0308: having serious computer problems over here
BIG KODAK: only cause i did not start until week 3
Harvey0308: guess we need to step it up then huh
gank: def step it up, you wont beatmeƂ  for the season by
laying back
mouwie3: im catching you today

Jeanius and BIG KODAK top three finishes put them both right behind the overall leaders. In fact, only 5 points separate the top 5. Though this week had its fair share of bad beats and well played hands, the ability for DeerUrine to once again knock me out is all I can remember.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gank $40 10
2 Mr. Binkerton $24 8
3 propokerschool $16 7
4 kidpugg   6
5 Harvey0308   5
6 table.terror   4
7 gjim44   3
8 Hardsparkle   2
9 1LuckyGal   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open could be the most unbelievable victory in Gank Open history. Not only did gank win - his third win out of six events this season - but gank was virtually felted early. The old saying "a chip and a chair" was in full effect as gank with just about 100 chips left came all the way back to become victorious. Runner up Mr. Binkerton played well, and although he didn't close the door on the Gank Open he slammed the door shut shortly thereafter on the Cake Poker $100,000 guaranteed. With his best finish this season, pro poker school can only wonder "what if" he didn't play so recklessly with the final table chip lead. Case in point what was he thinking raising pre flop and then calling two re raised all-ins with 2-7 off suit? At least it provided some comic relief.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 yummy chocolate $47.50 10
2 Hardsparkle $28.50 8
3 SHOWDOG $19.00 7
4 jokersdesign   6
5 DeerUrine   5
6 Jeanius   4
7 wyldeyed   3
8 sososobad77   2
9 axestone   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open Title goes to yummy chocolate who rode a wave of intense 4 handed action to a much needed win. The impressive win in the largest season II field to date kept yummy chocolate mathematically within reach of gank for the overall championship. 19 students are still within reach with 3 weeks to play. The back and forth heads up battle between Hardsparkel and yummy chocolate followed intense bubble play four handed that included SHOWDOG and jokersdesign.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 holdemcris $32.50 10
2 SHOWDOG $19.50 8
3 Jeanius $13 7
4 gank   6
5 Hardsparkle   5
6 gjim44   4
7 mouwie3   3
8 table.terror   2
9 1LuckyGal   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open showed that even Momma Bear Jungblut - holdemcris - has skills. Providing once again the evidence that backs up her claim as the best Jungblut in the family. Jeanius made the money for the fourth time in eight tries and SHOWDOG's 2nd place finish puts him in a position to finish in the top 10. gank holds on to a large lead coming down to the final two tournaments this season, but a late season surge by several players could still knock him off the pedestal.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gank $30 10
2 1LuckyGal $18 8
3 Jeanius $12 7
4 DaveMc   6
5 Hardsparkle   5
7 Harvey0308   3
8 kidpugg   2
9 jokersdesign   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open was won by gank who took the early chip lead and never let it go. gank's 4th win this season was one of the most dominating start-to-finish performances in Gank Open history. The win also clinched the Gank Open Season II title. 1LuckyGal and Jeanius again show consistent in-the-money finish skills.

Gank Open Poker League
Finish PositionPlayerMoney WonPoints Earned
1 gjim44 32.50 10
2 Archkid 20 8
3 gank 12.50 7
4 jokersdesign   6
5 axestone   5
7 1LuckyGal   3
8 Harvey0308   2
9 propokerschool   1

Tournament Report

This weeks Gank Open goes to gjim44 who seems to be heating up at the right time as he prepares for his shot at poker's biggest prize, the coveted bracelet of the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. Archkid made a strong impression in his first go at it and gank watched a large chip lead evaporate, nearly adding to his record four titles this season. gjim44's win boosted him into the top three of the final standings, right behind Jeanius who had 5 in-the-money finishes this season. gank impressively scored 59 total points out of a possible 100 en route to the Gank Open Season II Championship.

Thank you all who participated. Season III will be starting soon, until then we will be holding Gank Open warm-ups every Sunday, same place - same time, password is always goodluck

Welcome to the Gank Open Weekly Online Poker Tournament - Every Sunday

Hosted by World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner Brett 'gank' Jungblut | Sponsored by Poker School

The Gank Open is Open to Anyone Who Wants to Play in a Competitive and Fun Online Poker Tournament. Play Alongside Gank and Fellow Pro Poker Students. We Keep Track of Stats but You are More Then Welcome to Come and Play Whenever You Want. Feel Free to Invite Your Friends.

The Tournaments will be on Lock Poker every Sunday.

Good Luck - Let's Shuffle Up and Deal!

Gank Open Poker League Season II Standings
RankingsPlayerTotal Points
1 gank 10+10+6+10+6+10+7=59
2 Jeanius 7+7+8+4+7+7=40
3 gjim44 5+3+7+3+4+10=32
4 Harvey0308 6+5+6+4+5+3+2=31
5 1LuckyGal 10+7+1+1+8+3=30
6 mouwie3 4+4+1+5+10+3=27
7 SHOWDOG 7+8+4+4=23
7 BIG KODAK 8+8+7=23
9 Hardsparkle 2+8+5+5=20
10 jokersdesign 5+6+1+6=18
11 Mike Shayne 8+6+1+2=17
12 holdemcris 2+1+10=13
13 propokerschool 2+2+7+1=12
13 DeerUrine 4+3+5=12
15 table.terror 5+4+2=11
16 kidpugg 6+2+2=10
16 yummy chocolate 10
16 RevMental 10
19 dosbomberoso 8
19 Mr. Binkerton 8
19 Archkid 8
22 DonkPuncher 6+1=7
23 axestone 1+5=6
23 DaveMc 6
25 wrongtools 4
26 sososobad77 1+2=3
26 StR8BuGg1n 3
26 TeddyKGB45 3
26 keyser.soze 3
26 wyldeyed 3

Tournament Champions

gank 5 Times!

Beauty2 (yummy chocolate) 2 Times!

xxHABSxx 2 Times!

jaredd0dge 2 Times!

propokerschool (talismon) 2 Times!

G35 Play