Poker Hand Rankings

From the highest ranking poker hand to the lowest ranking poker hand:

Royal Flush: five cards in suit and sequence, spade 10JQKA.

royal flushroyal flushroyal flushroyal flushroyal flush

Straight Flush: five cards in suit and sequence, heart 8910JQ.

straight flushstraight flushstraight flushstraight flushstraight flush

Four of a Kind: aka Fours-four cards of the same rank and one idler, as J-J-J-J-x.

four of a kindfour of a kindfour of a kindfour of a kindfour of a kind

Full House: aka Full Boat-three of one rank and two of another, as K-K-K-5-5.

full housefull housefull housefull housefull house

Flush: five cards in suit but not in sequence, heart 3-heart 4-heart 8-heart 10-heart K.


Straight: five cards in sequence but not in suit, club 8-heart 9-diamond 10-spade J-diamond Q.


Three of a Kind: aka Threes, Triplet, Trips, Set-three of the same rank plus two of two different ranks, as 9-9-9-x-y.

three of a kindthree of a kindthree of a kindthree of a kindthree of a kind

Two Pair: two different pairs, A-A-8-8-x.

two pairtwo pairtwo pairtwo pairtwo pair

One Pair: one pair, 6-6-x-y-z.

one pairone pairone pairone pairone pair

High Card: no combination, between two high card hands the one with the highest card wins.

high cardhigh cardhigh cardhigh cardhigh card

Poker uses hand rankings to determine who has the best hand when two or more players are competing for the same pot. Below is a description of poker hand rankings used in games like Texas Holdem.

Poker is a five card betting game played with standard playing cards. The betting aspect allows players to bet as to who holds the best card combination by progressively raising the stakes until either there is a showdown-when the best hand wins all the pot or only one person remains because everyone else has given up betting and dropped out. In the last case, because there is no showdown, it is possible for the pot to be won by a hand that is not actually the best hand, but by betting the bettor has bluffed out the other players and won the hand. Regardless of the number of cards dealt to each player, the best five cards are used to determine the ranking of the player's hand.